NO MP3’s. Lossless audio files like Wav or AIFF formats only, 24-bit 48k.





+ Bass frequencies should be centered.  Having opposing bass signals in a groove can cause phasing.


+ Low end frequencies need to be in the center of the stereo image.


+ There needs to be an envelope roll-off at 5 Hz and a second envelope roll-off at 40 Hz


+ If sibilance is distorted, a de-esser is needed. High hats may also need adjustments.


+ Leave the dynamics instead of using a brick wall limiter on the mixes.


+ Vinyl can only be as good as the source files.


+ 24bit 96Khz for the sample rate — nothing lower than 16bit 44Khz.


+  Mix your music with all pan settings straight up or combine the stereo signal yourself and check for weird issues yourself (warbling, missing parts)


+ DO NOT slam the levels on your master. We don't want to cut records with distortion.












For obvious reasons: NO BOOTLEGS or MIX TAPES — personal music ONLY.

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ALL volume levels need to be set where you want the for the entirety of the record.



File Naming


Please be sure to label all files with the side A or B and track number (A1, A2) and the initials of your project. This helps us stay organized.








You can submit your files in person or send your audio files in a zipped folder via WeTransfer or a service of your choice to  Be sure to include your name and project title in your transfer message.


We will check your audio files to make sure they are suitable for cutting. We will contact you if there are any issues. Check out the details here on how to prepare your tracks.



Track Spacing


We put a 2.5 second gap between each track on the records. If you would like something different please discuss this with us in advance.






We carry black or white un-lined, 90g paper, with cut corners are available at an extra cost. We carry black and white outer covers with a 3mm spine and hole on both sides, as well as a white full cover sleeve.


For custom sleeve printing please inquire within. If you are interested and we can point you in the right direction. We have a few screen printers who would love to work with you. We can provide you with blank sleeves for this process.






We offer printing of center labels. Each record comes with two blank white labels. If you would like to have the labels printed, we do B/W and color at a reasonable price. Download the Center Label Template below.



Make sure your images are 300dpi. Center labels are printed on white paper so solid black labels don't that great. Please consider that limitation when designing them.



If you want black labels, write us and we can try to come up with a solution together. We can also design labels for you.







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